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He does it again [YTP] 03:01

He does it again [YTP]

But you know what else loves The penis.... The comment question of the day wich comes from a user name...baaieum! and he said Sup nigga my comment question of the day is...if you hail satan what would satan say? leave interesting or a creative answer in the comment section beloooooooowwwwww oR on F T or G+

GaYMate Satanic Review [YTP] 00:50

GaYMate Satanic Review [YTP]

A Satanic Review

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Jackass pivot style 00:06

Jackass pivot style

Not my first video edit: no seriously it's on another channel

Naruto Edited 01:47

Naruto Edited

I want to die

Naruto Shippuden-Emergence Of Talents 02:13

Naruto Shippuden-Emergence Of Talents


Naruto - Grief and Sorrow(Original) 02:21

Naruto - Grief and Sorrow(Original)

200k views, much w0w Download this song:

Naruto YTP 01:24

Naruto YTP

funny stuff ;D

Asdf movie [YTP] 01:08

Asdf movie [YTP]

Old cringy ytp 1st song: Linking Park - Nobody's listening Twitter ► https://twitte