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Light Bulb + Liquid Nitrogen = Solid Argon Frost! 03:39

Light Bulb + Liquid Nitrogen = Solid Argon Frost!

I dip light bulbs in liquid nitrogen and am able to create a frost of argon on the inside that quickly sublimates as the bulb warms.

Dysprosium Curie Point Demonstration 02:35

Dysprosium Curie Point Demonstration

I show how the element Dysprosium becomes magnetic when added to liquid nitrogen. Many people have been asking how it gets the energy to run, I've been thinking about this and I believe that it gains its energy from the increase in entropy as the nitrogen boils into a gas while cooling the metal. The cooling decreases the entropy of the metal allowing it to be attracted by the magnet and do work, but Since the gas is escaping the system and increasing the entropy of the universe, it does not vio