Mythicism (Christ Myth) is wrong because Stalin did it || Did Jesus Exist

  • So I came across some videos that try and persuade people against mythicism because of Stalin.

    They say that Stalin was a big force behind mythicism and because of that it totally discredits the entire position.

    nnThis is, of course, a Poisoning the Well fallacy.

    That's where you take a position and try to say that it's false because of where it comes from.

    It is also a Strawman Fallacy because regardless of Stalin believing that Christ was a myth, it is not the position being discussed today.

    This is also related to a class of Fallacies called Red Herrings.

    These are fallacies meant to distract the audience or even the opposition from the actual points being discussed.nnWe also have a video where the guy argues that the scientific method can't be used to prove Jesus existed.

    That's not entirely accurate.

    It is only in the method that the Scientific method is used.

    The past was Observable to the people of that time period and even past it sometimes.

    We can Measure the amount of evidence for something.

    This process also has to be repeatable for different events and people in time.

    So yes the Scientific method is employed just not in a laboratory setting but in a more philosophical and historical setting.nnSubscribe to this channeln➽➽➽ to Engineers without Bordersn➽➽➽ Videon➽➽➽➽➽➽ a Patronn➽➽➽ Videon➽➽➽ me on Twittern➽➽➽ on Facebookn➽➽➽

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