Beauty and the Beast Official US Teaser Trailer Recreated in Fallout 4 (Mods!)

  • The 2017 Beauty and the Beast Official US Teaser Trailer has become the most viewed trailer in its first 24 hours.

    This alone made it a top priority for a mod fuelled video remake in Bethesda's Fallout 4.

    (Featuring a modding of Emma Watson, remade in computer game form)nnUsing Console Commands and Mods (some made by me and some found on Nexus Mods) I have remade some of the most popular trailers that have come out in the last 6 months using Fallout 4 and its diverse interface.

    I am actually a bit of a fan of the original Beauty and the Beast Disney Cartoon, so considering how popular this live action trailer was I couldn’t help but give it a try.nnThe main challenge here in recreating the live action Beauty and the Beast Official US Teaser Trailer was constructing the sets.

    There weren’t any characters to film interacting, which is usually the challenge, just sets to build and film at interesting angles.

    This meant I focused pretty much all my time designing and recreating the Beauty and the Beast sets in Fallout 4 to make them look just right.

    Some I built entirely from scratch in the game, like the Ballroom and the old portrait (all use mods), others are just filmed in Cabot House with some extra props added, since it’s the only place in this apocalyptic nightmare that hasn’t been destroyed.

    nnOther challenges faced when making this 2017 Beauty and the Beast Official US Teaser Trailer in Fallout 4 were the blue doors and the rose, funnily enough.

    Both are modding jobs, basically retextures of other items that I created in photoshop to make them look like they belong in the Disney Universe.

    however retexturing doors is a living nightmare that is difficult to describe here, so let me know if you’d like a fun story.

    nnSo that’s it, another recreation in Fallout 4, not unlike something you’d see on TGN or Merfish.

    This time its Disney’s 2017 Beauty and the Beast, next time it’s Rick and Morty, I swear.

    nnSee the video to support my videos on Patreon:[email protected]

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