BANNED for BULLSHIT - YouTube VS I Hate Everything [UPDATE!]

  • UPDATE: IHE's channel is officially back up and running.

    It's a small victory.

    YouTube is still very open to abuse.

    IHE's channel was big enough to get the attention of far bigger channels, like JonTron, h3h3, GradeAUnderA, and several others.

    If his channel was a small channel like mine, I doubt that it would have been resolved as quickly, or perhaps even at all.

    The message of this video still stands though his channel is reinstated.

    YouTube's community guidelines are flawed beyond belief, and with YouTube being a primary source of income for many people, it's terrifying to think it's so easy to lose everything.nnFollow me on Twitter if you me on Facebook if you ME QUESTIONS if you me on Patreon if you

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