Underserved Youth w/Annika O'Brien (BK Live)

  • Hello, my sweet goats, we're gonna have a chat with a very accomplished lady named Annika.n☛ patreon: patreon.com/mrbuntykingn(click for more)nnAnnika O'Brien came to America at a young age and has since done amazing things for the robotics industry and the American youth, particularly the underserved youth (i.e.

    kids from low income families, broken/abusive homes).nnI had the pleasure of meeting Annika over Twitter, I'm not sure how, but we took a liking to one another right away and interactions with her have always been pleasant.nnFinding out about her accomplishments got me to wonder as to why she would even bother following me of all people; I mean, here is a woman that has done things that I can only imagine doing and then you have me: some dude on the Internet.nnBut listen, sit back, relax and dive in with me.

    Let's discover more about Annika, someone I consider to be a model woman in Western society.nnAnnika O'Brien:nTwitter: twitter.com/annikaskywalkernYT: www.youtube.com/channel/UCB3K8Wv96999JW8aKb_bXJQnnn/// SUPPORT ME /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nn☛ subscribe: bit.ly/BUNTYKINGn☛ donate (TwitchAlerts): bit.ly/BKDONATEn☛ donate (PayPal): www.paypal.me/mrbuntykingn☛ wishlist: bit.ly/BKWISHnnn/// COMMUNITY /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nn☛ discord: discord.gg/buntybrothersn☛ instagram: instagram.com/realbuntykingn☛ facebook: facebook.com/mrbuntykingn☛ twitch: twitch.tv/mrbuntykingn☛ biz email: namaste at buntyking dot comn☛ other social media (e.g.

    snapchat): mrbuntykingn☛ feedback: realbuntyking.sarahah.comn☛ p.o.

    box: coming soonnnn/// PODCAST //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nn☛ soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ymfpodcastnnn/// REFERENCES /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnN/Annn/// VIDEOS USED /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnN/Annn/// TRANSCRIPT /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnN/Annn/// ABOUT ME ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnI'd like to think I'm an easy-going and approachable dude, despite of the topics I tend to cover.

    If you ever want to have a conversation with me, feel free to just connect with me via my communities, be it via Twitter, Discord or even Sarahah.com.nnI strive to be a better person than I was yesterday, and I can attribute a lot of my success in that department thanks to folks like you.nnIn terms of my qualifications, I have a college media degree, have worked on a few startups and have a solid understanding of new media, including the propagation of information within it.

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