BOLTR: Does HILTI hold up to the hype? SDS Rotary Hammer.


4 months ago

  • Bored of lame tool reviews? Hilti TE 6.

    Cordless 36V Li-ion battery powerd monster of industry.nThe machining in this beast is like nothing we've seen before.nRight off the bat, I let the smoke out of the battery.

    The teardown goes sidewards from there.

    nnPer usual, the subtexts this week are: the transposal of preposterous professional shibboleth for Canadian Ebonics and the slow destruction of vile dogma in -all- some of it's forms.

    (*wink*) Pinch-faced-low-testosterone-suffering oldens take heed; we might enjoy a knowing chuckle or three.nnI apologize for my butcherment of the Deutch language, however, I unabashedly revel in murderlating the Queen's English.

    I ams what I ams.nnCheck out Paul Krzysz's Channel: support my Hollywood English Locution Lessons! Let us all enjoy the collective loss of perspicacity.


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