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  • The trophy list for God of War 3 Remastered has been revealed and multiple trophies have had their name changed due to censorship!nnThe censored GoW 3 Remastered trophies being:nn"Are You Horny to Win?" to "Horn of Plenty".n"Hooker" to "Depths Below".n- and the complete removal of the sexual "I didn’t do it...

    But I wish I did!" trophy that you gain from killing the Poseidon's Princess.nnAlso changed was strangely the "Rip One!" trophy to "Torn Up" but it's not as clear why this was.nn*This video is for documentary purposes.

    Any material found in this video exists solely to document video game censorship for informational reasons only.*n=================================nCheck the playlist out for more Uncensored News!nwww.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQCxNuaHX_m1UAWKP21m1kRb_8mMbLRVon=================================nCensored Gaming is the definitive resource for censorship - committed to covering every example of video game censorship as well as all of the changes made to your favourite anime.

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