Fallout 4 - Dear Detective Explained, What Happened?

  • Fallout 4 Skyrim Universe Explained - Dear Detective What Happened videonnMy INFORMATIVE Twitter: twitter.com/UpIsNotJump and my My HILARIOUS Instagram: @UpIsNotJumpnnThis Fallout 4 explained video explains the series of tapes titled ‘Dear Detective’.

    I liken them to Hannibal.

    What happened in Fens Street Sewer line near Diamond city where you can find the flamer.

    See the video here:nnyoutu.be/ddcP44WT93wnnFallout 4 is made by Bethesda (Skyrim) and is the forth in the Fallout series.

    It is now believed Fallout and Skyrim are in the same universe.nnThere are several theories as to what happened at the Fens Street Sewer in Fallout 4, this video explains what I think happened in the ‘Dear Detective’ sewer.

    The questions being explained are:nnWhat happened in the sewer?nWhat are the chalk crosses?nIs this Pre-War?nWho is the Detective?nWhere is the Detective and killer? (Fens Phantom)nIs the Detective Nick Valentine?nIs this like Hannibal?nnFallout 4 Skyrim Universe Explained - Dear Detective What Happened videonnThe chalk crosses are to do with the number of people killed in each Exhibit in Fallout 4.

    I do not think it is pre-war.

    The detective isn't Nick Valentine.

    The killer and the detective are still in the sewer.


    I think the killer has become a feral ghoul due to all the radiation (this is fallout 4), but now he is the great glowing one ghoul near the flamer.

    It could also be that the detective and killer are both dead on the mattress that can be found by a machete.

    nnFallout 4 Skyrim Universe Explained - Dear Detective What Happened video

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