Breaking Bad Season 1 Trailer Remade in Fallout 4 (MODS!)

  • The Breaking Bad Season 1 Trailer Remade in Fallout 4 using Mods.

    Heisenberg reaches the Wastelands in this Fallout 4 video remake of the popular AMC show: Breaking Bad.nnFeatures Walt and Jessie recreated in computer game form! This season 1 Breaking Bad trailer was remade using a menagerie of mods from Nexus Mods.

    Most fun was rebuilding the back of a tank into Walt and Jessie’s Meth workshop in the desert, oh and Walt’s classroom.

    I am actually a Pharmaceutical Chemist by trade so it is fun to rebuild chemistry labs.

    nnOverall Bethesda really outdid themselves with Fallout 4, the whole world is a big pile of Lego, remaking objects in the game (Like Walt’s bacon spelt out into a 50) is a simple 2 minute job in Photoshop.

    nnRemaking old TV shows like the season 1 trailer of Breaking Bad in Fallout 4 is a lot more fun than my Fallout 4 movie trailer remakes because it gives me the time to work on the finer details of the show.

    There is usually a pressure to get the new movie trailers out as quickly as possible.

    nnThe Breaking Bad season 1 trailer remade in Fallout 4 is made possible using many PC mods, I also modding the game as I filmed with Console Commands.

    It is worth saying that due to the diversity of Fallout 4 a lot is possible without mods Xbox and PS4 players still get a huge amount of costumes and characters to work with, especially with Console Modding on its way, but PC mods add that extra layer of detail.

    nnThis video is part of a long running series where I remake or recreate trailers, movies and TV shows in Fallout 4 using mods or just by modding the game myself.

    The video is similar to work by TGN and Merfish who remake movie trailers in GTA V.

    GTA V movies where trailers are remade, like the Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer in GTA V, are very popular so I decided to remake my own Trailers like the season 1 trailer of Breaking Bad.

    There are so many mods on Nexus Mods it turns out that you can recreate almost any character and scene from most movies or TV Shows.

    nnSee the video to support my videos on Patreon:[email protected]

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