Golden Crocoduck nominees ponder improbability

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    Please don't comment on the following two points, because I'll answer them here:nn1) I know the lottery winning check in the video is made out to Andrew Whittaker, and I call him Jack Whittacker.

    In the time it takes you to point this out in the comments section, you could google the name and see why.nn2) Yes, the story of the German bomber was true.

    My father survived, but the man standing next to him was killed.

    Whether or not the pilot spent a few seconds waving goodbye to a girlfriend I don't know, but if he had dropped his bombs just a split second earlier, the outcome might have been very different.

    nn3) It's not clear whether VenomFangX runs the Horsewillbe channel.

    But the Horsewillbe video was the one that was nominated.

    Whatever he wants to call himself on YouTube, he's still the same guy.nn4) Towards the end of the video, Jesse8857 shows a calculation at the bottom of the page, which is: "Chance of 1 million beneficial mutations occurring in 1 species raised to the number of species." He doesn't explain why he is doing this, or how it represents probability.

    That's the ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.nn5) Thanks to all those who told me VenomFangX/Horsewillbe was not home-schooled by creationist parents.

    So my calculation of the chances of him reading a primary school textbook is based on fatuous information.

    Actually, I wasn't serious.nn6) For any issues regarding my video "Evolution is like a box of chocolates" please see my video "Evolution is like a box of chocolates" on the Potholer54debunks channel.

    nnSOURCES:nnDavid Berlinski video at odds of winning lottery top prize: of Earth forming as it, formerly VenomfangX:n"Chatting with Charley" is in a video called "Challenging The Atheists - SCIENCE -- Atheism" on

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