How to confuse a creationist -- Homosexuality, Evolution and the Bible

  • SOURCES:nn 1:18 -- "Common Sense on Homosexuality" -- Fool4alifetimenn1:49 "Born Homosexual" -- by Emptywithoutjesus (on the 2012 Golden Crocoduck nominee playlist)nn2:03 -- "Ricky Gervais on Animals".

    PLEASE NOTE: This is just a reference to the video, it is not a reference to academic works or any kind of evidence for animal homosexuality.

    For proper references please see:n“Animal homosexuality: a biosocial perspective” A Poiani, AF Dixson, 2010 nn“Homosexual behaviour in animals: an evolutionary perspective”nV Sommer, PL Vasey - 2006 nn“Biological exuberance: Animal homosexuality and natural diversity”nB Bagemihl - 1999 - Macmillannn“Homosexuality in animals”nF Schutz, 1966 nn“Homosexuality in greylag geese”nK Kotrschal, J Hemetsberger, BM Wei - 2005 -nn"Evolution and homosexuality: A review" -- Ahmed Ibrahim Masoudnn"Homosexual behavior in primates: A review of evidence and theory" -- PL Vasey - International Journal of Primatology, 1995 nn8:49 -- Evolution: Darwin HATES Homosexuals -- AVTPronn11:43 -- "Genetic and Environmental Effects on Same-sex Sexual Behaviour: A Population Study of Twins in Sweden." Langstrom et al., Archive of Sexual Behaviour, 2010nn12:30 -- "Genetic and Environmental Influence on Sexual Orientation as it Correlates in an Australian Twin Sample," Bailey et al., Journal of Personality and Social Psychology March 2000nn12:50 -- "Familiality of female and male homosexuality" -- J.

    Michael Bailey and Alan P.

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    Zietsch et al., Evolution & Human Behavior, November 2008nn15:08 -- Ibid.nn[Music: "Glad to be gay" Tom Robinson Band]

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