RICK AND MORTY Full Episode in Fallout 4 - Part 3

  • Donate here :) goo.gl/i9rnlVnRick and Morty finally reach the lighthouse keeper in this full episode remake of 'Look Who's Purging' in Fallout 4 on YouTube.

    Season 3 is coming guys!! (Material for another Rick and Morty best Scenes perhaps?)nnWe follow Rick and Morty through a live action retelling of the lighthouse keepers tale as well as Jerry and Summers adventures, where they blow up Rick's Garage while sending him a beacon.

    nnThis is part 3 of a full episode remake of Rick and Morty in Fallout 4.

    I choose to remake the full episode of Rick and Morty 'Look Who's Purging Now' simply because it contains the most action scenes and new locations which fit really well into the mechanics of Fallout 4.nnI was asked by a few viewers for a full season remake of Rick and Morty but we will just stick to one full episode on YouTube for now.

    We will see what happens when Rick and Morty season 3 is out :D nSeason 3 of Rick and Morty is rumoured to be out I December but for now we can just use this full episode remake of Look Who’s Purging Now in Fallout 4 to keep us going.

    nnYouTube holds a number of full episodes of Rick and Morty, however their audio is warped to make sure they can stay free online.

    I have highly edited the audio of this full episode when remaking the visuals so it is not exactly a direct rip.

    Hopefully this will mean it can remain on YouTube but after saying all this it is still the full episode of Look Who’s Purging Now so it may not be able to stay on YouTube.

    I imagine I will find out what Adult Swim will want to do if this series becomes popular.

    nnI unfortunately cannot monetise these videos which is why I ask for donations :)nnTwitter: ntwitter.com/upisnotjumpnnInstagram:[email protected]

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