Samurai Honour

  • What did it mean for a samurai to be honourable?nnSamurai (侍?) were the military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan.nIn Japanese, they are usually referred to as bushi (武士?, [bu.ɕi]) or buke (武家?).nBy the end of the 12th century, samurai became almost entirely synonymous with bushi, and the word was closely associated with the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class.

    The samurai were usually associated with a clan and their lord, and were trained as officers in military tactics and grand strategy.

    While the samurai numbered less than 10% of then Japan's population, their teachings can still be found today in both everyday life and in modern Japanese martial arts.nAs aristocrats for centuries, samurai developed their own cultures that influenced Japanese culture as a whole.

    The culture associated with the samurai such as the tea ceremony, monochrome ink painting, rock gardens and poetry were adopted by warrior patrons throughout the centuries 1200–1600.

    These practices were adapted from the Chinese arts.nIn general, samurai, aristocrats, and priests had a very high literacy rate in kanji.

    Recent studies have shown that literacy in kanji among other groups in society was somewhat higher than previously understood.nSome samurai had buke bunko, or "warrior library", a personal library that held texts on strategy, the science of warfare, and other documents that would have proved useful during the warring era of feudal Japan.

    One such library held 20,000 volumes.

    The upper class had Kuge bunko, or "family libraries", that held classics, Buddhist sacred texts, family histories, as well as genealogical records.nA samurai was usually named by combining one kanji from his father or grandfather and one new kanji.

    Samurai normally used only a small part of their total name.nnFollow me on my social free music by Epidemic Sound:nnintro ES_Knights Templar 1 - Johannes Bornlöfnnintro 2 ES_Medieval Adventure 01 - Johannes Bornlöfnnoutro ES_Knights Templar 2 - Johannes BornlöfnnnCheck out the facebook page of the photographer who works with me, he has lots of fantastic pictures nnand his instagram out my friend Salvo's channel

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