Fallout 4 Battles video - 1000 STORMTROOPERS VS The Institute

  • In this Fallout 4 Battles video we battle 1000 Storm Troopers VS The Institute.

    Darth Vader of the Empire also meets Father of The Institute in this Fallout 4 Battles Star Wars video (they have a short fight).nnFallout 4 VS Battle videos are becoming quite the craze.

    People are usually modding or battling at least 1000 Death Claws against 1000 of something else.

    This Fallout 4 battle video was made possible using the Storm Troopers mod that turns power armour into Stormtrooper armour.

    nnSee the video here:nyoutu.be/hHdtN4MBoxUnnSee the video here:nyoutu.be/nHrK3KlpItwnnDonate to support my videos on Patreon: ngoo.gl/i9rnlVnnTwitter: ntwitter.com/upisnotjumpnnInstagram:[email protected] this Fallout 4 Battles video the Brotherhood has been modded into the empire so as to take down ‘The Rebels’ who in this case are The Institute.

    Getting 1000 storm Troopers to Battle The Institute was no easy task.

    nThe Battle in this Fallout 4 scene takes place at Boston Airport but also at the Rebel Base in the Institute and it really slowed down the game.

    Maybe next time we will battle 1000 liberty Prime against something else.n nDarth Vader leaves the Institute feeling bad for killing Father and we leave him as he destroys the institute.

    This Fallout 4 Battle video has a story to it, it is not just 1000 storm Troopers killing Institute Synths.

    nnIn this Fallout 4 battles video Darth Vader of Star Wars meets Father of the Institute and they play out the most famous scene from Star Wars.

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