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  • Thank you all for the big 5 triple 000.

    Now heres a shits terrible Q&A video.

    nnIn retrospect this probably should've been a live stream.nn0:44 who inspired you to create your channel?n1:46 What youtuber would you like to collab with the most?n3:17 Can you review SuperJail?n3:57 Does you're Winner?n4:08 Would you mind doing reviews of 90's/80's Shows?n4:26 Whats your editing workflow?n6:15 will you review my memes?n6:22 Can you fan fan a toucan?n6:27 Underrated/ Overrated movies?n7:37 Can the PPG reboot be saved?n9:41 Favorite video game, Cartoon, movie and favorite kind of art.n14:24 Favorite live action Show?n16:20 Reviewing inspirations again sorry emma.n16:38 Originality in Tv and Movies?n19:08 Modern Simpsons any good?n19:58 Favorite anime? And do i like Fooly Cooly?n20:43 Do i hate vines/Memes?n21:31 Do you Have to like Disney to like animation?n23:18 Thoughts on Furries?n24:03 Am i fan of Community?n24:13 Hopes for the Samurai Jack Renewal?n25:15 What race am i?n25:22 Thoughts On Steven Universe?n26:03 can i do a top 10 worst video game cartoons?n26:16 Opinion on anime?n26:36 review shows that made cartoon Network Main Stream?n27:26 review on Teen Titans Go?n27:47 Do you like MarsBars?n27:56 Most painful way to die?n28:28 Favorite Rapper?n29:53 Favorite cartoon that cancelled to early? And Underrated Cartoon?n31:00 how does it feel that my old subs only being here for a week?n31:19 research process?n31:58 Most Nostalgic Cartoon?n32:12 how long have I've had this channel?n32:21 opinion on reboots in general?n33:00 Do i lick windows?n33:08 Can a bird Fuck a Martian?n33:27 Do you want die?n33:37 Cartoon that should be rebooted?n34:12 favorite Disney cartoon and worst?n35:43 favorite Rebel taxi Video?n36:27 Do old cartoon reviews and Anime Movie Reviews?n37:00 Am i black?n37:09 Favorite music genre?n37: 15 what anime?n37:24 Do i see my channel getting big?n37:58 what does this comment smell like?n38;10 Am i a brony?n38:30 maximum kofs question?n40:05 What do i plan for the future?n41:07 Favorite Series?n41:23 Mirrors edge?n41:36 how would i kill myself?n41:51 the meaning of life?n41:57 Eat lunch with any celeb?n42:30 Favorie pokemon and runescape?n42:40 religion?n42:55 Opinion on no mans sky?n43:12 2008 memes vs 2009 memes?n43:23 opinion on opinion's ?n43:30 Have i ever seen one piece?n43;50 i f i could take a show off the air what would it be?n44;12 Metalocalypse n44:26 When did i start making videos and using youtube?n44:48 would i eat a pipe or cheese covered bricks?

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