The Trans-Canadian Way w/Theryn Meyer (BK Live)

  • Hello, my sweet goats, let's have a wholesome chat with Theryn Meyer.n☛ subscribe: for more)nnI'm not sure how I heard of Theryn Meyer, it was definitely through Twitter but I can't recall the actual point.

    All I know is that I found her to be intriguing given the crowd I'm normally used to on YouTube.nnTheryn doesn't talk anywhere near as much sh*t as other YouTube personalities and she expresses that common courtesy is important in terms of discussion and finding a solution that is suitable for both parties.nnHope you enjoy the interview.nnTheryn Meyer:nYT: SUPPORT ME /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nn☛ patreon: coming soonn☛ donate (TwitchAlerts):☛ donate (PayPal):☛ wishlist: COMMUNITY /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nn☛ discord:☛ twitter:☛ instagram:☛ facebook:☛ twitch:☛ biz email: namaste at buntyking dot comn☛ other social media (e.g.

    snapchat): mrbuntykingn☛ feedback: realbuntyking.sarahah.comn☛ p.o.

    box: coming soonnnn/// PODCAST //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nn☛ soundcloud: REFERENCES /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnN/Annn/// VIDEOS USED /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnN/Annn/// TRANSCRIPT /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnN/Annn/// ABOUT ME ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////nnI'd like to think I'm an easy-going and approachable dude, despite of the topics I tend to cover.

    If you ever want to have a conversation with me, feel free to just connect with me via my communities, be it via Twitter, Discord or even strive to be a better person than I was yesterday, and I can attribute a lot of my success in that department thanks to folks like you.nnIn terms of my qualifications, I have a college media degree, have worked on a few startups and have a solid understanding of new media, including the propagation of information within it.

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