Moses Is Really Just Sargon Of Akkad But Jewish || GE's Daily Bible Podcast, Day 22

  • Today on the Daily Bible Podcast, we are tackling Exodus with Moses' birth and hallucination experience.

    Basically, it's a Jewish version of Sargon of Akkad.nnSo Moses is caught up in a mass killing of little kids ordered by the pharaoh.

    Does this sound familiar at all? This is the exact same shit that Jesus went through.

    Anyways, his mother keeps him till he is 3 months old and then puts him in a basket and floats him down the river.

    Moses' sister sees that Pharoah's daughter actually finds Moses and Pharoah agree to allow her to raise the child.nnFast Forward some years because during a hero epic you don't tell people about the person's childhood.

    Moses learns of his Jewish heritage so he goes out and kills an Egyptian, as one does when they find out they are Jewish.

    He then flees because the Pharoah found out what he did.

    He goes to Midian where he is gifted a wife because they are property here because he fed some hillbilly's sheep.nnSome time passes and Moses has some kids.

    In a sleep deprived hallucination, God tells Moses to go to Egypt.

    Moses, being directly in the line of Joseph, whines like a bitch.

    Reluctantly Moses agrees to go and free his people in Egypt.

    On the way, though , God tries to either kill him or his son....

    for God reasons.

    nnThinking quickly, Moses' wife does an emergency circumcision on their son and throws the foreskin at the feet of Moses.

    God was please by this show of insanity or maybe he was scared and didn't wanna fuck with the crazy woman.

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