Video Game Censorship Montage 5 | Censored Gaming

  • This video game censorship montage video compares the censorship in many different games.nnGames shown (in order of appearance):nnSnatcher (censored in UK/US) nGrand Theft Auto 5 (censored in JP)nLA Noire (censored in JP)nStreets Of Rage 3 (censored in UK/US) nOnimusha Warlords (censored in UK/US) nD2 (censored in UK/US) nFar Cry 3 (censored in JP)nCruis'n USA (censored on N64)nShenron no Nazo/Dragon Power (censored in US) nBreath Of Fire 4 (censored in UK/US) nThe Witcher 3 (censored in JP/Middle East)nTekken 3 (censored in UK/US)

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