Jordan Peterson Doesn't Understand: Nazism

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  • sirsmack
    sirsmack Peterson is a tradcon pseudofascist who wants us to practically return to the 1800s. Screw him.
    • cabredo ben
      cabredo ben 16:34 "If , as Peterson later posits in the video, the cruelty commited by the nazi perpetrators are the result of evil or psychopathology, they are excluded from any attempt to understand them as a manifestation of an ideology, we can never fully grasp psychopaths and by pathologizing the perpetrators of the Nazi genocide we reassure ourselves that we can never become them"
      I am sure that anyone who has seriously listened to Peterson's lectures can recognize that this is the complete opposite of what he says when he talks about this topic. It took you 16 minutes to get to this point and you've only showed that you're either taking him out of context or being willfully disingenuous.
      • hustler3of4culture3
        hustler3of4culture3 The lobster in the room! Hilarious.
      • CreationZikaz
        CreationZikaz disaffected male with a messy room: lol, spot on.
        • Clarion
          Clarion This analysis is pretty bad an unfair. It’s not well founded with very much information from you, and you take advantage of a lot of out-of-context, unfair, guilt by association, slippery slope and other logical fallacies that are a sign of bad thinking that shouldn’t be trusted.
          Just because you have a German accent doesn’t make you an expert on nazis at all. And your evidence and assertions in this video feel like a high school essay written by a person who didn’t get to choose which side they had to argue for. I have no doubt most of your book sources were found using google and you wanted to give us all the impression that you’ve read a multitude of books. If you had that breadth of knowledge, you would’ve made a more logic-based argument rather than an emotional argument.
          • KrackerUncle
            KrackerUncle point out some examples where he takes it out of context etc. and make a video to answer this one. that way you would help your cause and would debunk this video. what you are doing now is just being salty and trying to put him in a box.
          • Richard Sejour
            Richard Sejour Are you an idiot?
            Peterson was ignorant to the fact that the Nazis DID enslave that Jewish population and forced them to work towards building materials for the Germans.

            In addition, Peterson was ignorant to the fact that the Germans acquired an upwards of $15 billion dollars ($215 billion) from looting Jewish businesses and the corpses of the Jews.

            Peterson also was incapable of rationalizing that by killing off a significant portion of the Jewish population, the Germans were capable of rationing more food for the German populace. As 3 arrows mentioned, this was in part why Germany was considered the 2nd highest fed in the world.

            So yes, Peterson's core argument was fundamentally, objectionably flawed. Peterson's philosophical argument trivializes the legitimate economic and psychological contributions that fueled Nazi Germany, but instead interpreted this war entirely through religious/moral lens.How can you disregard the evidence and logic presented in this video without countering with your own evidence?
            Peterson was flat out wrong and disingenuous when he tried to manipulate the events of WWII to fit his insane religious conspiracies. He essentially rewrote history to for his own agendas.
          • Teun Venekamp
            Teun Venekamp Meanwhile you use personal attacks as a argument when you are whining about how he used emotional arguments instead of logic-based....
          • Shane Mackay
            Shane Mackay Clarion Guess you didn't make it to the end where he says the video was co-written by a PhD in history... Where in the video does he make an assertion without backing it up with anything factual? Seems like his statements are related back to historical context.
        • TheAnonymousMrGrape
          TheAnonymousMrGrape You know, you had me until you said that Jordan Peterson was a lot like the Nazis. I think you gave a good analysis of history. But I'm sorry, he is not a nazi, nor is he particularly far to the right, and by calling anyone right of Lenin and Marx nazis, you're participating in the same erasure of the ideology that you claim other people are.
          • McPhisto
            McPhisto He explicitly says that he doesn't consider Peterson a nazi. Are you incapable of listening or just understanding?
          • A.H Man
            A.H Man "The only thing the Nazis had in common with the Right was nationalism."
            The Nazis considered the communists enemy number one. The Nazis banned trade unions. The Nazis upheld patriarchal gender roles. The Nazis privatized industry. The Nazis were racist. The Nazis oversaw an economy in which capital's share of the national income increased.
          • Toza
            Toza Tom J check the Nazi manifesto. It’s inherently left wing and state control. It was left of the centre of the other parties. Even the evidence post war, looking at all the state industry backed and used by the Nazis.
            Even interviews with many German troops were left wing ideals. They were right of Bolshevism, that’s about it.
          • TheAnonymousMrGrape
            TheAnonymousMrGrape NIGHT STORM well fair enough if that's how you want to construct an argument you can come to about any conclusion you want. You can draw parallels between essentially any two things. If you say, an apple is green, and the grass is green, therefor an apple is like the grass, you're building a similar argument. You could also say, an apple has seeds and the grass has seeds, and continue in that line of reasoning. What you're doing when you argue like that is thinking of all the ways any two things might be similar and ignoring all the ways they're different. For instance. An apple has fruit and grass does not. Jordan Peterson believes in free speech and free thought as a paramount virtue. Hitler did not. As for the "socialists are literally nazis" thing, you're 100% right. I hate that line of reasoning too. It ignores any actual flaws of socialism by arguing in the same fallacious way.
          • TheAnonymousMrGrape
            TheAnonymousMrGrape A.H Man yes, you're correct but you have to also remember that the Nazis
            Also considered Capitalism, especially financial Capitalism to be abominable.
            Replaced those trade unions with their own mega trade union
            Were very patriarchal and racist... unlike the modern right which promotes equality of opportunity and judging everyone on their own individual merits.
            Kept and expanded upon public works and public industries
            And practiced a system of economics different to, but influenced by both Capitalism and Socialism. The best modern analogue for the Nazis economically is China. Most commerce is done at the local level, and small businesses are owned and operated by individuals, but all of the key industries are owned by the government or companies beholden to the government.
            That doesn't mean the left are nazis either.
            It just means that the argument over who to call a nazi is stupid because the criteria for nazi shifts based on your target.
        • Unknown Youtuber
          Unknown Youtuber Good video but the far right don't support Jordan Peterson. In fact some of them hate him. The other day I saw a white nationalist make a video calling Peterson a "Communist" just because he supports individualism and is opposed to collectivism. The antisemites who asked Peterson those questions are probably just conspiracy nutcases who are testing him.
          • Scoring57
            Scoring57 Chris Bryer
            Except no one said all 'his fans', you deaf, blind fuck
          • Unknown Youtuber
            Unknown Youtuber Jon MacDonald I know. The white nationalist who made the video was pretty dumb (and crazy). If I linked you his channel, you'd probably loose some braincells from watching his content. It's funny how some far righters think individualism is a Commie belief, even though communism is often criticised for being collective.
          • Truthseeker1995
            Truthseeker1995 @Scoring57 --- I would certainly disapprove of a private business, say, refusing to transact with people from Turkey, and I figure this could perhaps be handled with a boycott, and attempting to convince people to patronize more logical businesses. I'll admit, this is a troublesome question I'm still trying to puzzle out.
            Peterson's reluctance to respond to the audience member's question appeared to be the result of an unfamiliarity with the subject, in addition to an awareness of its controversial nature. Personally I think the audience member made some large leaps of logic, and I probably would have tried to point them out. That said I think we should all acquaint ourselves with this subject so we can thoroughly debunk actual Nazi claims.
          • mariokart1890
            mariokart1890 Far Rights who accuse people like Jordan especially calling him a Jew, are like those Transgenders. Far Rights like them, trans-racially identifies every single specie a "Jew". (I've read like 30 of them, some from Alex Jone, Paul Joseph, and etc)
          • Truthseeker1995
            Truthseeker1995 @mariokart1890 --- Wait, Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson call everyone a Jew? That's news to me.
        • MCPetruk
          MCPetruk Thank you so much for this. Peterson is such a master of rationalisation, misdirection, psycho-babble and bullshit that it takes a while to unpack and dismiss. Great work!
          • w4fjhDU514I1
            w4fjhDU514I1 0:50 The "clean your room" meme had a lot of potential, but it gets repeated by itself without enough indication of why it was so funny originally. Peterson suddenly dropped that line without any hint of self-awareness in the midst of a tangle of self-help babble as though it was a profound solution to life's difficult personal and political issues. Without the goofy context, keeping your living and work spaces clean is fine advise, it's just not particularly earth-shattering or politically insightful.
            • Abhimanyu Kashyap
              Abhimanyu Kashyap Or have you considered the possibility that you are wrong because mostly you are reciting your opinion and wishful thinking to "debunk" the "right" , rather than based on any actual account of third Reich..
              I have read a lot books on nazis even before I have heard of Peterson. I agree more with what Peterson is saying.. Any one could have been a guard at Auschwitz.. and few could have been Oskar Schindler or Henning von Trescow.. and Yah... Hitler had made it very clear to Albert Speer near the end, that he wants to bring the whole Germany down for so called "betrayal" .. resentment drove the Ordinary nazis more than anything.. if you read testimonies at Nuremberg trials it is amply clear that they were motivated by disgust and resentment.. They clearly were not interested in keeping jew workers alive for war efforts.. accounts from Wannsee conference also points at the same thing..
              • Bear of Bad News
                Bear of Bad News Triggered JP fanboy detected.
              • Erreul
                Erreul If that is your idea of triggered you clearly haven't been on YouTube long.
              • man0z
                man0z Holocaust is a lie. Nuremberg was a farce. Auschwitz was a work camp, not a death camp. There was no plan to exterminate them.
              • Hugo Thompson
                Hugo Thompson Your favourites playlist is fucking hilarious. How long have you been nazi larping?
              • kingofpointless
                kingofpointless Hitler was resentful at Germany towards the very end for losing the war but how are you projecting this to encompass his own or the other Nazis’ motivations for implimenting the Holocaust?