Vinyl-Disc - Vinyl & CD combined

  • Fuse a record with a Compact Disc and you get Vinyl-Disc an unusual format from 2007. Introduced by the record label owned by the bloke who discovered Right Said Fred and popularised Crazy could it possibly fail?
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    Guardian Article on Vinyl-Disc from 2007
    Vinyl-disc on Wikipedia
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    -----PFAQ&C (potential frequently asked questions and comments)-----
    Q) Something about dust or fingerprints or fingernails or hands
    A) Don't worry about this, it's not important.
    Q) Do you have a cold
    A) No I have a permanent medical condition
    Q) You said 33rpm, don't you mean 33 1/3 rpm
    A) Sigh
    Q) I don't want to buy one of those...they are stupid
    A) Don't worry, it's very unlikely you will stumble across one of these old discs by accident or be forced to purchase one though some sort of government enforced programme.
    Q) This looks like a gimmick
    A) It was a gimmick, the guy selling them said it was a gimmick in the newspaper clipping shown..nothing wrong with that. Just like picture discs, coloured vinyl, 3D covers, or performers wearing tartan, or with mop-top haircuts or pointy gold bras. . gimmicks sell music, it's how popular music works.
    Q) Hey have you heard of a turntable that reads records with a laser...are you ever going to review one?
    A) Yes, for some reason this gets mentioned on every vinyl video and I always answer with this.... The ELC Laser Turntable is still on sale ..its costs over 8000 dollars for the cheaper model, plus postage, plus import duty from Japan. Apparently it can only work with black vinyl, no coloured discs or picture discs, and any kind of dust causes a drop out. It's not for me...I'll never review one. It seems to be a bit of a joke in the vinyl turntable industry and no one has anything good to say about it. Apparently reliability is very poor.
    Q) Did you know you can adjust the point at which an automatic turntable returns.
    A) Yes..this is not my first rodeo...but I have no intention of adjusting my turntable just so it can play one disc that I don't like, at the expense of the hundreds of discs I do.
    Q) Didn't the group 'Justice' do this on their recent album 'Woman'
    A) Apparently there were a very limited number of promo copies that included a vinyl-CD... but this was not included in the regular version of this album sold in the stores. I bought it when it came out last year and was a tad disappointed by this. Their album is still good though.
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