My Social Justice Musings

  • An unscripted rant about SJW ideology, feminism and some other things. It came after a long battle with background noise and sound latency, which was a learning experience.
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  • Anthony Man
    Anthony Man I think people were always arrogant, know it all fools!  There's just more of em' everyday.  Nobody is doing anything about the real this country anyways. 
    • Ouroboros Null
      Ouroboros Null Great commentary Nicholas. My only counterpoint would be: That there is no particular destination for the SJW. While they are all invariably, as you say, in a "race" ... that will inevitably end in "Crazy town" ... the SJW is entirely oblivious to it all. That is why ... when they reach that final destination ... that very same zeal that fueled their travels ... will ensure that they turn on each other. *And thus Ouroboros ceases to be.*
      Keep doing these. You have the acumen for it.
      • Francis Roy
        Francis Roy Is there a race, a marathon to make it to the finish line with the most absurd ideas? Yes. We refer to it as "the marketplace of ideas." I for one, encourage it. I would rather hear the branch-shaking howling monkeys from the top of their trees, than to have the silent snakes envenoming from the darkness.
        The structure of most human folly, SJW's included, is very simple. Humans find the product of our emotional brains far more compelling than what might, in hind sight, be viewed as excellent thinking. We are nothing more than selfish, greedy, stupid and clumsy monkeys catering to our short-term desires because that is what has kept our species alive for millennia.
        You may believe that the SJW movement is new. It is not. I have been living with such people for years, and some of my earliest memories involve such people. The roots whole SJW movement can be traced back to the early-to-mid 1700's. It is the warm fertile earth of industrial revolution followed up by the greenhouse of current technological revolution that fosters it's growth.
        I find your musings to be quite accurate, and you speak them well.
        • Y Tehrani
          Y Tehrani Have you, or anyone respect as having similar views, ever sat down and formally debated a self avowed SJW. If so, would love the link. Would be fascinating to hear by what argument they would, or could, possibly defend their positions when confronted by your logic, point by point & in real time. Thnks. Very good talk.
        • Deus Vult
          Deus Vult I think most of SJWs are simply trolls..i cant take people seriously that claim "rain is sexist" or "gravity is racist"
          • ARN
            ARN We see them trying to push into hard science like Physics or technical fields like programming, any of the engineering disciplines, etc. 
            What I hope is that the barrier to entry for these fields, no offense to those who are not but the barrier to entry IS indeed extremely high compared to other fields of work, dissuades them from it. People in these fields tend to rely heavily on logic and rationality I see cracks but I hope they don't succeed. Religious fundamentalists tried to have their way with science and now we see another crazy mob of zealous idiots rambling to seize what their predecessors could not.
            • chibraska
              chibraska If they get in, their range of activity will be extremely limited: it's not a social science where facts and proof is bended at will, is is governed by pure reason and brilliant imagination. Of which they have none, except maybe being brilliant at squeezing money from supporters.
            • spodule6000
              spodule6000 +Helis It's scary that this nonsense is getting into STEM. Can you provide any links / evidence for this? - I thought it was just the social + political "sciences".
          • GreatRedMenace
            GreatRedMenace Hehehe, how Hegelian of you. Well, I guess a Socialist you have a dialectic approach to history. ;)
            • Carl Smith
              Carl Smith Just found you and really like your musings. Used to be a Democrat myself but was driven out by these SJW. When I reflect I find it wasn't any politician who drove me away, it was the people in the party.
              • TruthCode
                TruthCode Make more videos. Good stuff.
                • Karl Tanner
                  Karl Tanner Fantastic video as always, but where's the video on the Left from 1991, perspectives on the USSR and its collapse, Marxism vs SJWism, etc? I know you're a busy man giving the rich hell, but dammit we need more of your relaxing voice talking with us about complicated political issues in a calm, logical manner!