Mr Wiggles - Ep 4 - Tara McCarthy

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  • Deadpool3E
    Deadpool3E Actually, I can tell you where some of these alt-righters get their idea on race being a subspecies. For many, there's this paper by a "scientist" named Michael A. Woodley, who compares heterozygosity in animal populations and claims there's a similarity with human genotypes of differing ethnic groups. Here's the problem: when biologists speak of subspecies (which are certain populations found within a certain area that may or may not have different physical characteristics), these are animals that usually have a unique allele that differentiates its group from another closely related organism. The human race, on the other hand, are already a subspecies - the variation we see are caused by certain genotypes being expressed differently, not another unique cluster of alleles and even then, those phenotypes that control the physical changes are tiny compared to the genetic variation seen in giraffes and tigers in certain areas or even domestic dogs.
    Though of course, there's a reason why I put "scientist" in quotes: Woodley is a freakin' lunatic with a political boner. Many of his papers aren't so much based on scientific objectivity as they are in propositioning certain agendas. Of course, only a few of these are actually peer reviewed. Also, the guy is a cryptozoologist whose works are based on the Mongolian Death Worm and the sea serpent Cadborosaurus among other things. And this is the level some alt-righters use for research.
    • Shado Hado
      Shado Hado The definition of subspecies actually has nothing to do with alleles since the classification predated any way to find them.
    • Deadpool3E
      Deadpool3E @Shado Hado "A common way to decide is that organisms belonging to different subspecies of the same species are capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring, but they do not usually interbreed in nature due to geographic isolation, sexual selection, or other factors. The differences between subspecies are usually less distinct than the differences between species."
      With the advent of advances in genetic sciences, many scientists are able to use genetic data to determine the evolutionary relationships between organisms. Due to this, there are many animals whose status can be affirmed using alleles. Now obviously, this method ISN'T the only way of determining classification, but it does help affirm when certain populations diverged and how much variation that entails to warrant the status of a subspecies. So yes, alleles have something to do with this.
  • Kani
    Kani Using "X is advocating for murder" as an argument against someone is such an appeal to emotion.
    If she's advocating for shooting people who try to enter a country *illegally,* that's just equivalent to advocating for death penalty for a specific crime.
    Would you say "you're advocating for murder" as an argument against anyone who advocates for death penalty?
    While it's *technically* true, saying "advocating for murder" seems like an attempt to evoke feelings of injustice, without actually proving that the killing being advocated for is unjust, a dishonest appeal to emotion.
    • jonathan preziose
      jonathan preziose just looks like ur r taking her out of context. tara is not what you say sg=he is.
      • comeo325
        comeo325 Please take down Varg Vikernes next!
      • MarvAlice
        MarvAlice Canis familiaris has more genetic diversity in the species than humans have. The only reason the races look even the slightest bit different, is because our brains are specialized in detecting the slightest difference in human faces.
        • Golden Jolt
          Golden Jolt I honestly don't care if the Alt-Right makes a small community for themselves, but don't try to force other whites to conform to your ideas. I think anyone has the right to do what they want, as long as it doesn't effect others in a negative light.
        • Sarah H
          Sarah H I'd like to think Tara McCarthy is a massive troll but sadly I think she's actually this thick.
          • Krypto Flex
            Krypto Flex Nope. She's a smart, beautiful woman who fights for Whites. And she has ten times the courage of a sheep like you. That's the sad thing.
          • Reverend Reko
            Reverend Reko Krypto Flex dude, come on she feeds the radical egalitarians. I appreciate her spirit but she doesn't understand how to interpret and relay statistics properly.
          • LePlerome
            LePlerome She's not an expert; just an amateur popularizer. Up to ppl who want to delve deeper to check her stuff & find more if they wish.
          • Hellish Hybrid
            Hellish Hybrid Krypto Flex
            You're thirsting hard, brah. Hopefully your white knighting gets you some of Tara's overused box.
        • Q-rated Opwnions
          Q-rated Opwnions >alt-right *hide* behind anime avatars or anonymity
          Sounds like the aGGro talking points of the gamejournopros who want to paint GG as a bunch of white-nash. And don`t get me even started on the whole "attach your face to your message". You do it, congrats. I don`t & many others don`t, doesn`t make us alt-right.
          • Chriscom28
            Chriscom28 I really don't get this obsession with identity and skin colour. The only time skin colour should be relevant is when choosing sun block lotion or how attractive someone like me would find you.
            • Showa Nga
              Showa Nga Denial
            • Chriscom28
              Chriscom28 Showa Nga
              More confusion than denial. Who am I to believe? The people that claim that melanin gives you special powers, or the people that claim that melanin inhibits intelligence?
              I've found a connection with redheads and pain sensitivity, which is down to the gene causing the melanin abnormality also influencing the brain. Still only a correlation with one pigment type and only showing a fairly small aspect of personality. Plus there is also individual differences. Some gingers really love spicy food and a good spanking.
            • Magnum Johnson
              Magnum Johnson go walk in detroit at night retard and see the proportion of how much your asshole gets filled with men of african descent semen
          • J.R. Warren
            J.R. Warren Jeff, I'm a conservative living in the mid-west. Recently I've been lumped in with that piece of human refuse. I ask you, would you want to be lumped in with that? If you sceptics really want to effect change do a piece on the differences between the urban and rural mid-western communities. You might be surprised at how similar you are to a deplorable.
            • Krypto Flex
              Krypto Flex Conservatives like you are worse than antifa in my book. You will clutch your constitution while dindus plow your anus. Don't tread on me. And please don't call me racist!
            • J.R. Warren
              J.R. Warren Krypto Flex, Interesting, you compared me to a known terrorist group, threaten me with rape and politely ask me not to call you a racist. You're very confused. You take me for someone who cares about your opinion. Unfortunately it's not only my Constitution. It's also yours. And just in case you weren't told by your silly liberal teachers, the Constitution is the only thing protecting you from the government. You know. My guy. But if you don't want protection from the government that's your choice. Hate to break this news to you but the deplorable don't call people racist. That's sort of your job. You see the deplorable were taught better than that. Thank you for proving the need for someone to do a study on the differences between urban and mid-western rural areas. Take care.
            • The Demon Cat
              The Demon Cat Ever hear the saying 'broad strokes paint the fence faster'? I think that's in play here. While there might be outlier conservatives, the vast majority are wookoos like as Jeff describes. It's unfortunate you've been lumped in with them, but instead of attacking Jeff why not thoroughly explain why you're the outlier?
            • LePlerome
              LePlerome Tbf, seems to me like Jeff is somewhat of a Liberal of circumstance, more than anything. Path dependency & all that.
            • J.R. Warren
              J.R. Warren The Demon Cat, First, thank you for addressing me in a civil manor. "the vast majority are wookoos" REAL SCIENCE ALERT. That's statistically impossible. 67% of any given population falls into the moderate group.16.5+or - would indicate both extremes Statistically 83.5% of the people in the mid-west believe similarly to me.
              As for "attacking Jeff," I wrote, "I ask you, would you want to be lumped in with them?" How is that an attack? I want Jeff to address this issue because by what you've told me something is, as you say, "wookoos".
              Now I have to stay up all night studying Jeff's sources to try and unravel a race war that doesn't need to happen. Again thank you for your kindness.