The Cancer in Science Communication

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  • Jay Damalley
    Jay Damalley Thanks, Jeff. I had erased RW from my memory. Now I'm having Post-A+-stress syndrome.
    • Jaeger_Bishop
      Jaeger_Bishop Keep social justice and politics OUT of science, they have no place being in the same galaxy as real rational science and logic.
    • Kenshin Bunny
      Kenshin Bunny Rebecca Watson is an awful person. Just like Leslie Jones. Ugly, inside and outside. They are mean, loud, judgmental, and supremely unfunny.
      • Ms10000123
        Ms10000123 Science and politics shouldn't mix, because then the science becomes politicised like it has with Trump. Trump's position clearly comes from the people he surrounds himself with and in rejection of those who reject him based on other grounds.
        • RatherUncreativeName
          RatherUncreativeName I feel like a good example of why you should always keep personal beliefs away from science is the Tuskeegee syphilis experiment. For anyone unfamiliar with it, TL;DR the U.S. Public Health Service took 600 African American sharecroppers with syphilis (those who didn't already have syphilis were infected,) and observed how the infection progressed, despite the fact that they already knew that penicillin was an effective syphilis treatment, and that we already know the symptoms of syphilis. If you let beliefs and science mingle, you get racist massacres like that.
          I'm not a researcher, so don't expect good sources (I'm quoting the wiki for fucks sake,) but even without sources I can tell you that racism and science don't mix well.

          • Korbis Barkly
            Korbis Barkly The Science March had so much potential, since people really should show their disapproval with the Trump administration's anti-science stances. It's a real shame to see it ruined by identity politic bullshit.
            • Ken Christiansen
              Ken Christiansen There are lots of things in science that we don't fully understand fully (the human brain, the mechanics of evolution, exactly how gravity works) but that is the reason we have science. We are studying these and many more things to learn more about them.
              • Maximus
                Maximus Science is simply a method, a method often not used by those claiming that science supports their position.
                • Andrew Carter
                  Andrew Carter Hunts Joke was actually pro women coping with the older, sexist, scientist, . the second half. that suggested women should continue to enter the field despite people like Tim made it clear.
                  • Angel Miller
                    Angel Miller Matt Taylor's shirt was made for him by a female friend! God forbid he wears cool vintage pinups when feminists walk around dressed like vaginas in public.