My #NotYourShield musings

  • Another unscripted ramble about the issues surrounding #GamerGate and #NotYourShield and where they could be leading.
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  • Ronny Dodson
    Ronny Dodson Hi I love your video. As a survivor of sexual abuse,these sjws undermine my strength. I made it. I have 2 children and I will be damned before I allow the disingenuous to make my children feel less than worthy for existing.
    • John Withers
      John Withers Great insights. I'm predominantly apolitical like you mention in the video but I really enjoy your perspective on this subject.
      • Taakuyaa
        Taakuyaa The only thing that worries me when it comes to this, is that I've seen groups oppose the "SJW" mindset before.  Specifically (and while I know you dislike the false left/right thing I'll have to talk in those terms for this post) from right leaning or full on republican politicians, pundits, and writers that denounce or rebut the left/democrats.  Invariably I've seen them attacked, specifically the black population when doing so, as being things like "uncle toms" or other such things.  Its the "internalized misogyny" that female GGers get shouted at them.
        The thing is, it never worked ON them to prevent them from doing their work, but it HAS worked to minimize and in cases silence their voices and "invalidate" their arguments for many people in the broader public view.  Leaving them in obscurity at times when they otherwise would have a voice people would listen to.  I worry that NYS will face the same eventual fate.  Though perhaps since its not a lone individual standing up, and is a much larger collective banding together, the results will be different.  Naturally its easier to silence a lone dissenter than it is to silence an entire group.
        I feel like this will truly be a test of how far this "SJW" thing can advance, and how easily theyll be able to continue to exploit other groups for their own ends.  They've done it unheeded thus far, and while GG and NYS are proving difficult, I'd be lying if I said I think the media spin (specifically the main stream coverage the last few days) isn't working massively against GG/NYS.  Its a sort of "sjws pulling out the big guns" moment I suppose.  Will their "nuke it from orbit" tactic work?  So far GG and NYS are continuing on unimpressed by their antics and are responding well as we saw with the second Huffing Post interview with pro-GG females.  But I fear we've only seen the very beginning of the damage they can bring with the media unquestionably on their side.  So...  heres hoping for the best I suppose.
        • Keks
          Keks Always interesting to hear your thoughts on this subject.
          • Danroka
            Danroka That is something I try to hope for. I want those on either side of the political spectrum to look at each other and realize that; With this Constant fighting of who is right or wrong, nothing is done to really help us move forward and be a better people. Making up all these new labels only serves to divide further and create more ingroups that shun the outgroups. Maybe I'm just a hippy that wants us all to love instead of hate. xD
            • Agiranto
              Agiranto Most of those  tumblr SWJs seem like a lost generation to me. Not too young to pass as teen rebellion and not too old to be taken seriously and be backed by objective debate. 
              • Dasdas
                Dasdas post your twitter handle
                • Hugh Chube
                  Hugh Chube This is my first ever comment on YouTube. I won't be making a habit of it, so please consider yourself "privileged" to be the only one in almost 10 years who has merited feedback. Thanks for your thoughts on GamerGate; I've enjoyed them immensely - I won't pretend that I don't agree with virtually everything you say, but it's primarily the fact that you've given me some new ways of distilling my own thoughts into a more coherent whole. As someone who worked in the Social Justice and Civil Rights sectors in Northern Ireland, I've seen first-hand the horrible ongoing effects of those who refuse to abandon the power that the victim narrative affords them. What I find frightening now, is (what I choose to call) the change in the balance of power, from (hopefully, occasionally) rational discourse in the real world towards the thousands of screeching ideologues on the internet. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on how or whether social media (and more broadly, the media) and its potential to be used as a battering ram has given disproportionately more power to the "professional victim" than the genuinely marginalised, and whether there's anything that can be done about it. I have my own thoughts, but I'm not hugely optimistic. Anyway, ramble over. Thanks again and don't stop.
                  • Wizard Of Cause
                    Wizard Of Cause Thank you for this. And it really comes down to the changing hands that emotional rhetoric passes through in respect to how such is played and accepted throughout society. 
                    As far as these sorts of talks, I'm just getting started, so thanks again for watching and commenting.
                • Bjorn Kuma8877
                  Bjorn Kuma8877 I think you're gonna have to replace the neighbor's window, this one was outta the park! Well said.
                  • TheDeadAndTheDamned
                    TheDeadAndTheDamned The only thing I would "take issue" with is the part about being unique we are all unique, though apparently this is not good enough for some people hence this push towards "special" which no one is.
                    • Agiranto
                      Agiranto In these days of opportunities it's very hard to get lost on your path to identity. They use the easiest way. Why strive forward to something meaningful, when you can just come up with your own title?