Laserdisc: An Introduction

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    Laserdisc seems to get a lot of retro cred these days. It gets featured as a technical oddity, but from today’s perspective, it might seem strange that it didn’t become the de-facto standard. Boasting many of the same features as the modern DVD, you would think it couldn’t possibly have received the cold reception it did. In this series of videos, we’ll find out why.
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    The image of the film strip with analog audio only is in the public domain. I forgot to add that as an image credit on-screen.
    Some sources!
    The 1958 date appears to come from Gregg's on recollection. These sources suggest as such, anyway: (thanks to Today I Found Out for curating these links, though as you'll see in the next video their assessment of the Laserdisc situation isn't quite that nuanced)
    aaand... some of the patent sources
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