Curing Cancer With Cyanide?

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  • MarvAlice
    MarvAlice in the time it took me to come up with a sufficiently scathing comment(without making any ad hominems or threats) the original video went to disabled comments and disabled likes...
    • Deeve
      Deeve I think Kent Hovind, the creationist, is also a proponent for this vitamin B17/Amygdalin/Laetrile. Imagine that, a con-artist selling various lies at once.
    • DeMartinoAlvin
      DeMartinoAlvin This crap was being pushed by Kent Hovind before. I wonder if that's where these people are getting this?
    • Dom Vasta
      Dom Vasta The body can quite easily handle small amounts of cyanide with no short or long term ill effects, it's only when you get close to the lethal dose that it becomes bad, but there is no evidence this chemical has any effect on cancer, aside from killing it by killing its host. The compound is hydrolozed into Cyanide and other byproducts in the duodenum, not the cancer cells, if you injected laetrile, it might have some effect, as it would actually be metabolised by the cells, but the concentration of glucorinidases in cancer cells are no different to normal cells, it might be a tiny bit useful for liver cancer in conjunction with other forms of chemotherapy, or as an adjuct to oncolytic virus therapy, but even then, only intravenously injected.
      • no hassle
        no hassle Yes, but if you combine the seeds with a fibrin stripping enzyme like Bromelain (pineapple enzymes) the red blood cells and the seeds can go in for the kill. Look up enzymes for cancer. Even some Cancer research organizations (and they are heavily biased) see the potential in enzyme therapy.
      • Dom Vasta
        Dom Vasta sure but that doesn't escape the inherent danger of laetrile
    • Nazgoroth
      Nazgoroth Cyanide cures all ailments. There's just one small side effect; a minor case of death.
    • drunken69dragon
      drunken69dragon That illuminati plan to dumb people down they always talk about seems to be working lol.
      • Minister Of Hygiene
        Minister Of Hygiene But Jeff, when your dead, the cancer is totally gone.
        • VikingWarrior HU
          VikingWarrior HU So Ernst T Krebs Jr. is basically 'Dr.' Krieger from the cartoon 'Archer' lmao
          • The Funky Thumb
            The Funky Thumb You should talk to YouTube's Myles Powers. he's a bio chemist that has a really good series on this. you would like him.
            • 924man
              924man i heard lead helps cure depression, i thought about trying it afew times, its one one lead pill about 7.5 grams, works really fast about 1500 fps and hits you right in the head.