The Final Word on Amos Yee

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  • November mind
    November mind I support giving pedophiles an additional right...... They should have the right to get a publicly funded chemical castration
    • Theendgamelv3
      Theendgamelv3 Every time he brings up baby rape....god damn that's a BABY. I mean I'll be honest and I hope that he is doing this for attention and he doesn't believe in it, but man, if he strongly advocates for this....
      • joshtheamazinganimator
        joshtheamazinganimator Wow. Yeah Amos definitely seems to be the petulant child you claim he is based on the clips you included in this. Talk about ungrateful. I wonder what he's going to think when he grows up. He's very clearly incredibly naive on a lot of what he talks about.
        • Slender Bone
          Slender Bone How long have the dreads been gone?
        • Todd Wall
          Todd Wall You nailed it. This kid is an attention seeking spoiled brat. He has nothing but contempt for those who want to help him. Like you said, this behaviour is his own goddamned doing, and he should reap what he's sown. Great vid.
          • sdfsdfs13
            sdfsdfs13 Hey Jeff I think you are a bit wrong here. He is a *legit pedophile* , and he has *at least 2 sock puppets accs* that keep defending him and posting a bunch of pro-pedophilia stuff in his comment section, (Ronald Johnson and Princess Sofia) the second one is even here in your comments. These videos he is making I feel is he venting out about something that he really cares about. You may think it is insanity, but you have to understand he have been brainwashed by pedophile groups on the internet.
            • Jonathan Kolbinsky
              Jonathan Kolbinsky You interviewed him because you knew it would get you attention too.. All YouTubers want as much attention as possible. So, trying to say that he just wants attention is a little hypocritical.
            • Louis
              Louis Jeffs hair is pretty damn sick!
              • Princess Pea
                Princess Pea I was always repulsed by him. People would urge me to watch his videos, I'd say no, and I'd get slammed for not supporting free speech. I'd explain that I am ALL for free speech, but that I'm also supporting my right to not look at or listen to him. I always backed him being freed from jail because of words, but have always found him to be disgusting, and I wasn't in the least surprised when he started his pro-pedophilia bullshit.
                • Emanuel Hoogeveen
                  Emanuel Hoogeveen *Is* Amos a sperg? He seems more than a little sociopathic and narcissistic with a dash of pathological liar thrown in, but I think he's too good at pushing people's buttons and not good enough at actually thinking through his positions for me to think 'autism'.