Buzzfeed Declares WAR Against YouTubers

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  • legendre007
    legendre007 It's also ironic that Bernstein casts YouTube as a threat to "representative democracy"; YouTube is the way it is -- the way he hates -- exactly because YouTube _is_ democratic in how it allows for more and more people to express themselves. It's democratic in now how almost any middle-class weirdo with internet access and the right equipment can upload onto YouTube and express himself. If the majority of people are misinformed, then it's natural that the majority of opinions on YouTube will be misinformed as well; that's not undemocratic; that is one of the consequences and implementations of democracy.
    • Keetonman
      Keetonman The funny, and sad/scary, part about the Far Left is that even when they're spouting blatant lies they've somehow deluded themselves into thinking it's the truth.
      • Monster Mash
        Monster Mash ba ha ha ha..... I had a suggestion for a buzzfeed video and I went to click the not interested button (I just don't like buzzfeed). But YouTube took away the option, I then tried it on another non buzzfeed video to see if they just removed the option all together. But nope the not intended option was still on that video.
        • The Gayest Person on YouTube
          The Gayest Person on YouTube 4:05
          "...The videos...typically consist of semen"
          Now you're speaking my language der Jeff
          • Night_Fiend6
            Night_Fiend6 oy vey, the goyim want to keep their foreskins, shut down!
            • Nicole Green
              Nicole Green buzzfeed are a breeding ground of idiocy and desperation.
              Its kinda sad that thats the new place to go for NEWS! i mean really. F*** buzzfeed
              • IneptCynic
                IneptCynic The Hypocrisy, of BuzzFeed News having a YouTube channel as well, is overwhelming. BuzzFeed is on YouTube. No one is silencing their intellectually dishonest, sexist, and quite frankly race baiting, content from the website's multiple channels. They will criticize it, though. Jeff is correct, Youtube-users criticize other users daily.
                • Bob Hunley
                  Bob Hunley Hey Jeff I like your vids I'm not a troll. vie suffered depression myself. I subscribed if that's cool. I have a son myself. Anyway I'm for real and support ya bro. Finally , a sane dude. Bob
                  • Janet Eskue
                    Janet Eskue Is this guy aware that he said, "representative democracy" and yet is making it clear that he doesn't want everyone in the democracy to be represented? Just found that odd, along with the fact, as you pointed out, that the internet is not solely relegated to America. The internet is world wide...hallelujah!
                    • highks
                      highks These leftists believe that they are the only good and intelligent people, and everybody who is not a leftist must surely be retarded and shouldn't be able to speak or vote. They actually have to believe this, because otherwise they'd have to really deal with conservative and right-wing ideas and then they'd soon realize they are completely wrong on everything.
                  • ZeroDepresiv
                    ZeroDepresiv Ok, Jeff, I subscribed. Happy now ?!