Where does Frankensteinosaurus belong?

  • Today the folks over at AIG can't seem to figure out that being unsure of exactly where a specific animal belongs in the evolutionary family tree does not actually debunk evolution as a whole.
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    Article they are discussing: bbc.in/2x3CC9K
    Paper referenced in the article: bit.ly/2i8g9pE
    Chilesaurus Wikipedia page: bit.ly/2v0r2zC
    Platypus Genome Article: bit.ly/2v8C1mB
    Article describing mathematical models for language development: bit.ly/2v3C8nB
    Article on AIG site showing their date for the Tower of Babel: bit.ly22/1Km9Fef
    Article suggesting Theropoda belongs within the Ornithischian clade: go.nature.com/2g44lUw
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