%!#$ Your Activism

  • Inflammatory title huh?
    Yes I am wearing a Boy Scout uniform. No, I'm not a Boy Scout biologically, I'm trans-scout. This is my coming out video.
    But seriously. This video touches on a few topics. Mostly the gross disparity in perspective when the internet ignites for activism. How we ignore perpetual and horrifying human suffering, but will take up arms for one lion. Even a lion in a country ruled by a brutal murderer.
    I don't want anyone to think I'm shitty on animal activism. I'm really not. I'm shitting on the Internet at large being so blissfully ignorant and back patting itself every fucking week.
    A great webpage that has a list of groups fighting human trafficking:
    Golden Rice:
    The Hunger Project is a bit SJW-ish, but they do some good work:

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