My Ideology Musings

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  • Klas Wullt
    Klas Wullt what is the difference between a moderate and a person who doesnt think at all and who doesnt want to take side.
    what is the difference between a extremist between a person who thinks alot and have an conclusion that he aggressively purseu against everything that oppose him?
  • You Are A Pigeon
    You Are A Pigeon you are such an elequant speaker, how did u develop that skill?
  • Chrisjohn
    Chrisjohn Thank you for your musings. I'll be checking out your other ones for sure.
    • sideways eight
      sideways eight You put too much faith in reason. To reason is to doubt. The very thing extremists and average person seeks to avoid.
      • Anthony Cerbic
        Anthony Cerbic Wow, you looked so much better 3 years ago. What alcoholism done to you....
      • Bengt Riise
        Bengt Riise Wow! the awesomeness is glittering from you - not gay...
        • MrDanno2
          MrDanno2 thanks to this video I now think I'm a national socialist.thanks.....:p
          • Danroka
            Danroka My Father who is rather hardcore Conservative, he calls me a Shotgun Hippy; mainly because I do hold some of his views, but I also have a few that are considered very Liberal.
            • Geahk Burchill
              Geahk Burchill The best description of the difference between Left and Right I know of, the one which has always had the most explanatory power for me, is this:
              Left: Are people generally good? Then the purpose of government is to aide and backstop that natural good.
              Right? Are people generally bad? Then the purpose of government is to check and restrain that natural evil.
              Whenever I look at a piece of public policy, the reaction to that policy is what seems to indicate the basic belief underlying the worldview. Everything stems from this essential divide.
              Foodstamps/Public assistance for instance.
              Left: People are basically good and will use this aide to better themselves.
              Right: People are basically self-interested and will con and abuse this assistance.
              Death penalty
              Left: People who have done something wrong can be redeemed if given a chance.
              Right: People who have committed a crime will likely do it again and must be removed.
              Left: People will make the right choice given their circumstances and won't do so unnecessarily.
              Right: If given the freedom to murder for convenience, people will do so.
              Of course there is also the Authoritarian/Libertarian divide which asks whether power is best held individually or collectively or the Insular/Cosmopolitan divide regarding in-group preference vs out-group acceptance.
              From my perspective, this makes certain types of movements, like modern Feminism Left, Insular, Authoritarians.
              They believe _their_ group is generally comprised of good people and everyone else is evil and that individual power must be secondary to collective power. Sarkesian's screed against Choice-Feminism comes to mind. I.e. _Women are good and collective female power must protect good women from the big bad world and all women must have solidarity in this project or risk the safety of all women._
              • Q-rated Opwnions
                Q-rated Opwnions I would say the two other divides are more important these days than left vs. right; for instance I find myself agreeing with right-wing and centrist people that are libertarian and cosmopolitan like me way more often, than agreeing with those fellow leftists who are insular and/or authoritarian.
              • Geahk Burchill
                Geahk Burchill +Unpopular Opinions
                I agree. I find that as well.
                The one political perspective I can find no common ground with is probably on the opposite end of the spectrum. Right-wing Insular Authoritarians. Too many ground gears.
                But man, the left _really_ irks me these days. Partly because it is often borne of some misguided altruism. I know they _feel_ like they're doing good but it's almost always more harm.
              • sideways eight
                sideways eight I list all ideas in two camps. Cult or non cult. This is based on the structure of the idea. SJWs and Nazis are in the cult camp. Eric Hoffer is in the non cult camp.
            • Francis Roy
              Francis Roy The structure of ideology: 1. Something displeases me. 2. I propose a better idea. 3. I present arguments as to why we should do something other than that which bothers me--or to counter that which displeases me.
              An ideologue: 1. I relate to the original displeasure. 2. I learn, accept, espouse and act on a given ideology's tenets as though they are self-evident truths. 3. I will ignore any evidence or argument that effectively counters any of the arguments that I accept so as to not invalidate my original emotional response to a given displeasure.
              The above is applicable to any political or religious mass-movement.
              By the way, I've twice now heard you refer to Radical Feminists as though the word "radical" indicates some form of extremism. The adjective refers to the original sense of "from the root." Radical Feminism proposes perpetual revolution, that is, a constant and never ending, recursive, rebuilding of society's foundations, from the root, in order to achieve some Utopian state of perfect equitably and equilibrium, a constant rechurning of our mental framework (we are all blank slates, don't you know?) while ignoring human biology and the instincts that derive from them, and the behaviours that emerge from these instincts.