Creation Today Claims - Dinosaur Soft Tissue

  • Do recent finds of dinosaur soft tissue mean that dinosaurs lived only 6000 years ago, not millions of years ago? Eric Hovind's Creation Today show welcomes guests Brian Thomas and Dan Biddle to discuss the so-called soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils, largely thanks to scientist Mary Schweitzer.
    While Eric Hovind gawks, his hosts spitfire 14 claims, designed to overwhelm a layperson with familiar-sounding-but-not-understood scienc-y words to create the impression of overwhelming evidence.
    In actual fact, each of the 14 will be merely minor variations of the same loop… a deliberate overstatement of a scientific find, an appeal to an imagined timer that somehow establishes maximum survival time regardless of conditions or circumstance, while leads to a short-earth conclusion drawn as clumsily as an angry toddler’s fridge-bait.
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