All Human Beings are "Naturally Innocent" #OperationMoe

  • I demand liberty from oppression! Dirty jokes are my civil rights!
    appabend VLOGS about BBC3's Stacey Dooley's mindset that "All Human Beings are Naturally Innocent. Who the hell thinks this way?
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    Inukshuk - We Were Infinite [NCS Release]
    ★ CREDITS ★
    + Avatars - ChrisDarkerArt
    + Suit - Shiromaki
    + CLIP: Brutal, Savage, REKT
    + CLIP: Rap Battle Parody
    + SONG: Drop That Tuturu!
    + GIF: Mayuri (Steins;Gate) Chopping
    + TRANSLATOR: WalterInsect
    + SONG: Duran Duran - The Reflex
    + SONG: Samurai Flamenco ED1
    + ARTICLE: Doujinshis created and enjoyed by mostly women
    + ARTICLE: Anime Con Attendees are Women
    + CHIRPSTORY: The Massive Backlash #OperationMoe
    + ARTICLE: Reporter Rapes in England and Wales double in 4 years
    + ARTICLE: Rotherham Child Abuse
    + ARTICLE: Oxford Grooming Gangs
    + ARTICLE: Muslim Rape Gangs in Sheffield
    + ARTICLE: Muslim Guy "Didn't Know" that raping a 13 year old girl is fine
    + ARTICLE: Somali rapist avoids deportation, saying he didn't know rape was 'unacceptable', rapes twice again
    + ARTICLE: The Fear of Being Called a Racist
    + BLOG: Dan Kanemitsu's Brilliant Blog Entry on Fictional Human Rights
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