Best Interests of The Child

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  • F\'Realdoh Mohammed
    F'Realdoh Mohammed For fux sake Nick, once you bring the state in, they never get out.
    • KotaroInu510
      KotaroInu510 Why would governments try to help out families during their break ups? They can make more money by filing through millions of divorces/Child support claims to be able to make bank.
      Government should be about Governing, not a Moral State to be applied to the general populace. But stupid people get lazy, so they ask big brother to help out.
      • Brett the Hitman
        Brett the Hitman My dad had his finances and career torpedoed when my mom served him with the divorce papers. He only got lucky because she didn't want fight for custody of my brother and sister, and didn't ask for alimony. So when I see somebody get hit by the same bullet he was able to dodge, that guy has my deepest sympathies,
        • Theus Ixion
          Theus Ixion I'm truly sorry to hear that, Nick. I adopted my kids when I got remarried, and we were able to let their biological father off the hook for child support because he is schizophrenic and he can visit them whenever he likes- it's a private arrangement, and the courts didn't interfere. I wish it was always that easy.
          • Theus Ixion
            Theus Ixion Let us know how to help. I can't speak for the internet at large, but I'm with you
            • Dolphin Radio
              Dolphin Radio Oy mate... we seem to have more and more in common every day. I'm sorry for your troubles, but might I ask (as it is this way where I am) how does the state know what your payments are? Do you transfer funds to the state to be paid to your ex or do you pay her directly? If the latter, (as in my state) then it is up to the custodial parent to raise the issue of non-payment for the state to proceed. If this is the case, a little more trust may go a long way. She can simply refuse to report non payment or accept revised payment and claim it was full state ordered. It's not the best solution, but it is one. It is the one me and my ex chose.
              • Mars Egan
                Mars Egan A good man.
                • Free Speech
                  Free Speech Processing. (◔_◔)
                  • Victor Rand
                    Victor Rand As much as feminism jholidaytaints the fam court laws, most of what you're describing is a natural outgrowth of how states and bureaucracies operate. Once your in a state system getting out is difficult to the extreme. It should be obvious as to why, people are individuals and a system designed to deal with a collective cant adapt or change fast enough to adjudicate reasonable changes, because every exception they make for someone can be used by someone else to escape legitimate judgements against them.
                    Other than the financial aspects, as long as neither of you are filing motions against one another the state typically isnt going to bother you over other things.
                    Its a fucked system though, and finding the right balance isnt easy.
                    • Mathieu Leader
                      Mathieu Leader and people wonder why people don't produce kids