Violent Certainty, Civil Skepticism

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  • luvhungryman
    luvhungryman certainlies are certainly not certain!
    • luvhungryman
      luvhungryman certainty is like infinity, its the unknown!! which way you go ......there is the rub
      • luvhungryman
        luvhungryman certain is a fascinating word, because certainty is never really certain!!
        • Tylr
          Tylr Certainty is a requisite of criticism, but the more strident the critique the more certainty required...ultimately leading to the absolute certainty needed to kill the opponent.  Fighting and disagreeing are fundamentally the same thing to different degrees.
          • Cold War Holdover
            Cold War Holdover Is it wrong to want to create a society that deserves blind devotion? Is it wrong to want such a society to exist? One that is worthy of devotion? Perhaps dangerous, but its an idea I can't completely let go of.
            • Paul\'s 2nd Channel
              Paul's 2nd Channel Oh yes, it's very wrong indeed. Society must express a healthy degree of uncertainty at all times. That's the only thing which keeps critical enquiry alive. You are wishing the death of thought.
            • Cold War Holdover
              Cold War Holdover You misunderstand me, is it wrong to try to create a society that is so near perfection that questioning it is more or less a waste?
            • PewPew Research
              PewPew Research +Cold war holdover perfection is subjective.
            • Cold War Holdover
              Cold War Holdover perfection, like absolute truth is unobtainable lest be proven a god, but surely something can be created closer to it that has been achieved in the past?
            • PewPew Research
              PewPew Research +Cold war holdover If you are going to ramble about Eden now then I will block ;)
          • randomlook
            randomlook Talking about it. is a start, but a very late start. it (religious violence) is not new at all. for example the Gog u Magog (Jihad in Islam, End of end times) is sponsored by all (religious demagogues) in Israel, by money, man and politics... the US N.America is only now waking up (civilians) to it and is late to the play. as events unfold throughout the world, the US and it's citizenship is retarded in understanding even without the internal idiocrocy enveloping it, be it engineered or not (and regress to the "book"for understanding). to make things more complicated for the dazed, dumbstruck populace you have things regressed and thrown in to the mix no one ales has any interest in, and the US as it does try's to project but cant beyond the "western world" example: BLM.
            • Sweet Lovely Cute Adorable
              Sweet Lovely Cute Adorable Yes, cultural violence is bred by merging the capacity for blind faith in an ideology with a personality cult. Mao, Jesus, Hitler, Muhammad, Genghis Kahn, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Papa Doc, they all used this combination.
              • 1mag1nat1vename
                1mag1nat1vename It was very considerate of you to warn us of your ramble and update us on its progress, wizard. Thank you.
                • TormentedDreamer
                  TormentedDreamer I do think absolutism is part of it, or at least a symptom. Been mulling over a couple of things myself for a while lately and intend to talk it through with someone a bit more officially trained in matters of emotions and psychology before going in depth.
                  I am trying to figure out what the core requirements of attaining a rational are though. Critical thinking, being past the age of 25 for developing a fully functional frontal cortex, the luxury of not being in dire needy circumstances? If you know of any other traits, do share. The more I know the better I can polish or demolish my own theories. ;)
                  • Safiya Mukhamadova
                    Safiya Mukhamadova The picture at 3:33 is misleading. Islamic extremeist groups such as al Queda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. *DO NOT* work together. They are not subsets of each other. They are in violent conflict. Also, not everyone who is an Islamisic extremist was born into Islam, a good number are converts (although they might say that they were born Muslims, as Islamic ideology teaches that everyone is born Muslim and some then get corrupted, and therefore no one can "convert", they can only "come back to the truth").