Analog Color TV Wrap-Up--Some extra info

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    In this installment on analog color television, we take a look at some odds-and-ends from the last video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy an eclectic jaunt into the realm of shadow masks, dubious inventions, weird mathematics, and more.
    Previous videos:
    Matt Parker's video on 29.97 FPS:
    Links about the Col-R-Tel:
    The second link has many great pictures and details about this system. It's also a great site on its own for information about television systems, but it's a tad clunky to use.
    Two-color TV:
    This link explains the NTSC standard's two color transmission scheme, as well as Gonzalez Camarena's work dates 1963.
    This is one link dating Gonzalez Camarena's two color system to 1962.
    Link about the Telechrome and Baird's other works:
    Lastly some links about color restoration:
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