My #GamerGate musings

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  • Crocmaster McGeezax
    Crocmaster McGeezax It's great to hear a leftist voice speaking about this issue. The proliferation of far right personalities was beginning to be troublesome to me. Socialism is one of the greatest enemies of identity politics, or it should be.
    • PLBMartel
      PLBMartel This is truly an intelligent man, his speaking is incredible.
      • Name?
        Name? he is the thing tho gamers are willing to support anyone as long as they are willing to show not only good will but actually do something that will benefit the community at large case in point alot of support was drummed up for TFYC a self professed feminist game creation charity that was aiming to bring more women into the world of game development but rather then doing the usual rhetoric driven yelling and shaming they came up with something that would actually show their worth.
        they made a gaming event were the internet would would vote on which game they liked the best and then if they wanted to they could donate to see that game made and any proceeds made were sent to a charity of your choice with 8% of the royalties going to the women that won the contest and all she had to do was pitch the idea and the rest would be taken care of for her.
        personally and I will not speak for the larger community behind GG. I found it strange that the SJWs would be so willing to attack and derail this event even tho by all accounts they should be supporting it for it tries to do what many of these SJWs say is wrong with the industry. get more women into it
        we have no problems with feminism (this can be seen by 4chan although after 4chan banned GG discussion 8chan now was willing to donate nearly $22k towards the project) as long as they are willing to show they want to work along side the community at large and not derail it into some sort of pseudo political argument like Anita Sarkessian has done.
        further more we were outraged that many of the "gaming journalist" sites we had some respect for were so willing to attack the very audience that supports them.
        in my opinion they have roused a sleeping giant and rather then trying to sooth and lull it back to its slumber have further agitated it and incurred its wrath.
        • Etherwinter
          Etherwinter Anytime I hear something about gamers being the 'wall' that they smashed up against, when they rolled through other areas almost unhindered, I get a lot of motivation.
          • Skippy19812
            Skippy19812 SJW-ism maybe the cause du jour of the current age, but its followers are mainly quite shallow and easily distracted. My worry isn't that virtue signalling, social justice narcissism is the future (because it won't survive more than a generation), but that we'll swing back too far the other way.
            We can already see it happening with the rise of the human/muppet hybrid Donald Trump and his brand of lowest common denominator political rhetoric.
            I do hope we can stamp this nonsense out quickly though, because this utterly retarded culture war is distracting us from real problems (like the erosion of individual rights by big government.)
            • NotaSkeleton
              NotaSkeleton Please host a radio talk show or a podcast or something.
              • James C
                James C Cheers mate. Your spot on and thanks for speaking up for the rest of us.
                • Agiranto
                  Agiranto that was very enlightening. Thank you.
                  • Keks
                    Keks Really interesting video. But it's quite difficult to understand you, when you start mumbling. Then again this is coming from a non-native speaker. Look forward to watching more of your videos.
                    • Rew
                      Rew I am so glad that Revolver Ocelot has joined our side!