On The Matter Of Orlando

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  • Realraven2000
    Realraven2000 OMAR: did they cut him up and stomped on the pieces after lighting them on fire and shitting in his mouth while smearing his brain into the gutter for the rats to piss on? oh no we leave that sort of behaviour to the savages, and keep it to the realms of fantasy where it belongs in the Western world.
    • Spalding
      Spalding And Jews and Christians are such peace loving people.  You thick idiot your so blinded.  Though shalt not Kill one of the ten commandments how much blood is on the hands of Jews and Christians.  At least We don't worship a man.  Keep your cunting opinion to yourself.
      • Wizard Of Cause
        Wizard Of Cause Nah, I think I'll keep talking about the murderous blood cult founded by a man who fucked a child all I like. Thanks for stopping by though.
    • Azzalack
      Azzalack Say it with me, kids... ALLAWAKBAR!
      • Justin Sattelberg
        Justin Sattelberg i like how they talk about their own countries when defending muslims and at the same time putting on blinders to the world there was just under 3000 terror attacks by muslims in the name of islam in 2015 they will deflect that by saying well most of the victims are muslims yeah well if you are pro muslims then you should all for a reform since muslims are getting killed more than anybody else
        • Spalding
          Spalding You can talk, how much regime change has the west imposed on muslim lands.  Double standards I see,  Why turn a blind eye on Assad and then hang Sadam.  The west talk about genocide onYazidis, what about genocide on Palestinians.
          • charlesvan13
            charlesvan13 It's quite offensive that the regressive left is trying to blame straight white males for this.   I skip through their articles at Salon and elsewhere and am just astounded at how this tortured and self-serving "logic" comes completely natural to them.   I'm really convinced that they are not good people.   They lack any empathy or concern for others under the phony virtue signaling.
            • joke ster
              joke ster geeez you have an awesome voice , wish I had a voice like yours
              • DubskiDude
                DubskiDude Fantastic video.
                • Shawn M
                  Shawn M There are those born into collectivist doctrines and there are those who are drawn to it. Among those you are fundamentalists towards the ideological positions present, why is it that such a large number of them end up being these "cazy" people which routinely end up being the subject for blame and ridicule?
                  Is the collectivism that breeds it or the existing disorder within the person that is drawn towards it and compelled by it? The individuals who self determine their own reason and morality don't do these things and very commonly break away from those collective emclaves to do their own thing after witnessing whatever irrational or illogical behavoir found within it. In the political shpere they would be found opposing or fleeing various facist regimes, while in the religious side of things they get referenced as either converts or atheists.
                  While I am making no apologies towards any group or fashion, this chicken and egg style dilemma bothers me. While certain forms of actions are more common from one source or another, the actions taken aren't that different in nature, just different in target and scale. Would a less random approach of nationalism over fanatacism be more beneficial as the statesmen assign the leash and where or how to release it (I'm just spitballing here... Current political setup is garbage, but moderately more accountable or accessable than a nebulous concept of sky daddy or patriarchy for example).
                  Ultimately in the same vein that amoral, sociopathic, or just generally criminal people have always existed and thus were created laws from religion or government in order to promote social cohesiveness, what is it about now that drives people to use those constructs for cohesion to break that structure apart?
                  • Venom NBK
                    Venom NBK You should do a video on Jews (religion, not race) molesting children. Joe Rogan is pretty much the only one who spoke out against it.
                    If you didn't know after a boy is mutilated, the moyle then performs oral sex on him. This has also caused the deaths of several newborn boys, and STD outbreaks.
                    • Wizard Of Cause
                      Wizard Of Cause I had a bris. Not thrilled with it. Few religious traditions outside of the charity efforts done under command (aside from humanist compulsion) are little more than barbaric imo